About Us


Eleven Hockey is an equipment manufacturer situated in the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota. Founded in 2010, our name is a tribute to the 1,500 mile highway running through the US and Canada—home to our factory and to the hundreds of collegiate and professional hockey players we serve.

Eleven Hockey is bringing back the quality and innovation of North American manufacturing, using superior techniques perfected over 100 years by our friends at Christian Brothers, Northland Hockey, and Bending Branches. This customer-centric approach focuses on the highest standards of service, offering completely personalized products and the handcrafted quality you won’t find anywhere else.

“Our Mission is simple To restore the spirit of creativity and pride to hockey. With major brands outsourcing manufacturing to Mexico and China, the quality of products and customer service have faced a dramatic decline. Stick technology hasn’t seen a major development since the introduction of carbon graphite shafts over ten years ago, and customization is all but extinct. It’s time for a better way.